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Kristina Aluzaite
PhD Student



Kristina is a PhD student affiliated with the Team for Economic Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment (TEEHTA) based at the Centre for Health Economics (CHE). Her work is focused on economic evaluation of policies to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in human health. Kristina’s key interests are in the inter-national, inter-sectoral and inter-temporal aspects of the AMR problem. This studentship is part of the research programme of the Economic Methods of Evaluation in Health and Social Care Interventions (EEPRU).

Before starting the PhD position, Kristina worked as a Research Fellow at the Department of Medicine, University of Otago (New Zealand), where she led several research projects focused on access and quality of healthcare and associated health outcomes in New Zealand. 

Kristina’s prior educational background is in biomedical and bioinformatics research. She completed her MSc in Bioinformatics at the Bioinformatics Centre, University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and Simon Fraser University (Canada), focusing on the analysis of next-generation sequencing data to investigate clonal evolution of cancers. Kristina also was a researcher at the Sino-Danish Breast Cancer Research Centre (University of Copenhagen), where she investigated drug resistance in breast cancer cells.


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  • Team for Economic Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment (TEEHTA)


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Kristina Aluzaite
PhD Student
Centre for Health Economics