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Sumit Mazumdar
Research Fellow



Sumit is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Economics, in the Global Health Economics Group. He joined the Centre in April, 2018. Until recently he worked as Assistant Professor (Health Economics and Policy) at the Institute of Public Health Kalyani (IPHK), West Bengal, India. He holds a PhD in Health Economics and a Masters in Population Studies from the International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai, along with a university degree in Economics. 

Sumit’s research primarily focuses on health care financing in low-and-middle-income countries and economic analysis of health interventions. He has worked on inequality in health behaviours and outcomes, particularly those related to non-communicable diseases. Sumit has been involved in preparation of Human Development Reports for several states in India, and has been the lead author for chapters on health and nutrition. He had earlier held several research projects and grants commissioned by agencies such as 3ie, Medical Research Council (UK), Swedish Research Council, Indian Council of Medical Research and The World Bank.



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Sumit Mazumdar
Research Fellow
Centre for Health Economics