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Rita Santos
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Rita Santos is a research fellow at Centre for Health Economics of the University of York since 2009. She recently finished her NIHR doctoral research fellowship on 'Measuring and explaining primary care quality variation'. In the past years, she worked on GP gender pay differences, GP practice choice, hospital competition and GP practices competition. Her main interests are developing applications of geographical information system to health economics and spatial econometric methods to health economics and economic theory.

Rita holds a BA in Economics and an MSc in Applied Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra. She worked at the Department of Geography, University of Coimbra (2004-2009) where she developed research on environmental impacts on health outcomes.



  • Equity in primary care
  • Incentives for quality in primary care
  • Geographical distribution of primary care quality
  • Impact of competition on GP practice quality
  • Impact of competition on Hospital quality
  • The application of micro and spatial econometrics to health economics

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Rita Santos
Research Fellow
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