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Pedro Saramago Goncalves
Senior Research Fellow



Pedro Saramago MSc PhD, is a Senior Research Fellow at CHE working for the Team for Economic Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment (TEEHTA) since 2012.

Pedro’s research focuses on the economic evaluation of health and care interventions, including drugs, devices, procedures, diagnostic tests and long-term care.

Pedro's research interests are related to the development and application of statistical, econometric and decision analysis methods in all components of health technology assessment, including statistical analysis of primary data, evidence synthesis, decision modelling methods and value of further research analysis.



  • The economic evaluation of health care technologies
  • The application of statistical and decision-analytic methods for cost-effectiveness analysis, with strong emphasis in Bayesian statistics.
  • Synthesis of evidence (indirect treatment comparisons/network meta-analysis)
  • Mixture models (e.g. multilevel/hierarchical models for trial-based economic evaluation)

Research group(s)


MSc students supervised by Pedro Saramago: 
  • Maria Victoria Hurtado Meneses (2013)
  • Edward Cox (2016)
  • Pauline Sobiesuo (2018) and Akihiro Hayama (2018)
  • Meena Hafidh (2019)
  • Bowen Yang (2021)


Other teaching

Centre for Health Economics

  • York Summer Workshops in Health Economic Evaluation - Course tutor
  • Decision Analytic Modelling for Economic Evaluation - Course tutor
  • Regression Methods for Health Economic Evaluation - Course tutor
  • York Online Workshops in Health Economic Evaluation - Course faculty

Distance learning programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics for Health Care Professionals Module tutor

External activities


  • Expert pharmacoeconomics advisor for INFARMED (Portugal) - committee member
  • UK Health Economics Study Group – member
  • International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)
  • Portuguese Health Economics Association – scientific committee member 

Honorary appointments

I have held honorary posts with the following organisations:

  • School of Medicine, University of Nottingham

Contact details

Pedro Saramago Goncalves
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Health Economics