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Hugh Gravelle
Professor of Economics



Hugh was previously at Queen Mary University of London where he was successively Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, Professor and Head of Department. He moved to York in 1995 to become Associate Director of the National Primary Care Research and Development Centre (a collaboration of the Universities of Manchester, Salford and York). From 2010 he has worked in ESHCRU (Economics of Social and Health Care Research Unit – a collaboration of York, LSE and Kent). In addition to an advanced microeconomics text, now in its third edition and numerous translations, he has published in a wide range of economics, epidemiology, and medical journals.



Hugh has worked on pricing policy for public sector firms, insurance, and the economics of law. He now uses theoretical and empirical microeconomic models to examine the behaviour of patients and health care providers facing the complex set of incentives and constraints in healthcare systems. His research interests include

  • pay for performance in general practice and secondary care
  • rationing by waiting
  • determinants of quality in general practice
  • effects of general practice quality on hospital admissions and costs
  • hospital market structure, organisation, ownership, and quality
  • patient choice of hospital
  • patient choice of general practice
  • capitation formulae and budget setting
  • informal care

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Professor Hugh Gravelle
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