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Gerry Richardson is Professor of Health Economics in the Team for Economic Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment in the Centre for Health Economics. He has a first degree in Economics from the University of Hull and he has a MSc in health economics (1992) from the University of York. Gerry completed his PhD, also from the University of York, in 2007.

His PhD was funded by an award from the Department of Health's R&D Programme and involved an applied and methodological programme of work around the cost-effectiveness of self management interventions.  Gerry’s research interests include the cost-effectiveness of self-management interventions and establishing the transferability of results of these cost-effectiveness analyses, as well as assessing patients’ trade-offs between health and non-health outcomes.

Gerry has recently been active in enhancing links between clinicians and health economists in the Yorkshire region and has an honorary appointment with Hull York Medical School (HYMS).  



  • The cost-effectiveness of self-management interventions
  • Establishing the transferability of results of cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Assessing patients' trade-offs between health and non-health outcomes

Research group(s)


Co-applicant on the following successful submissions: 

  • Greater Manchester Collaboration for Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC). NIHR funded 2008-2012
  • Evaluating and implementing better patient orientated management of chronic gastrointestinal disorders in primary care'. NIHR programme grant 2008-2012
  • Evaluating the Family Nurse Partnership. Funded by Department of Health 2009-12
  • An exploratory randomised controlled trial of guided self-help for women with chronic pelvic pain (CPP) in primary care. Funded by NIHR Research for Patient Benefit 2009-12
  • Management of frozen shoulder: a systematic review and decision analytic model. Funded by HTA 2010-11
  • Cost-effectiveness of screening for depression in cancer patients. Funded by Cancer Research UK 2008-12 

Personal Awards 

  • Career Development fellowship. National Co-ordinating Centre for Research Capacity Development (NCCRCD), Primary Care Award, Department of Health. 2004-2007 Self management interventions for chronic conditions: a methodological and applied programme of cost-effectiveness research in primary care
  • Visiting Research Scholar award. Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. 2005


Other teaching


 I have tutored on the following courses/workshops:

  • York Expert Workshops
  • Regression methods for Health Economic Evaluation
  • Advanced Modelling methods
  • Advanced Methods for cost-effectiveness analysis

External activities

Invited talks and conferences

  • University of Brunel. Do patients value psychological outcomes and should they be incorporated into cost-effectiveness analysis? March 2007
  • University of Manchester. Valuation of psychological outcomes and their incorporation into cost-effectiveness analysis? June 2007
  • University of Dundee.  Are interventions to support self care cost-effective?  Evidence from a RCT and a Discrete Choice Experiment.  December 2007
  • University of Newcastle. Are interventions to support self care cost-effective?  All sorts of evidence from lots of sources.  July 2008
  • London School of Economics.  What constitutes relevant evidence? November 2008
  • University of Hull.  Economic Evaluation and Clinical Trials.  October 2009
  • University of Edinburgh.  Economic evaluation of health care.  February 2009
  • University of Edinburgh.  Measuring quality of life for economic evaluation/cost-effectiveness analysis.  December 2009

Honorary appointments

I have held honorary posts with the following organisations:

  • Hull York Medical School, UK
  • University of Manchester, UK
  • Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
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