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Does the use of health technology assessment have an impact on the utilisation of health care resources? Evidence from two European countries

Thursday 27 February 2020, 12.15PM to 1.15pm

Speaker(s): Belen Corbacho, University of York

Abstract: Different jurisdictions organise their health technology assessment (HTA) capacity in different ways. Some stablish capacity at the central level and undertake assessments that result in recommendations for the whole country; other stablish capacity at the regional level resulting in several HA bodies within the same country and the possibility of several sets of recommendations. We conducted a comparative analysis of anticancer drugs in England (centralised HTA approach) and Spain (regional HTA approach) and used a regression approach to explore the association between HTA guidance and drug usage. This seminar will present the results of this study and outline the potential opportunities of different HTA models in supporting decision-making and their impact in a uniform development of services across the whole country. 

Location: Alcuin A Block, Room A019/020

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