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Centre for Health Economics Professor to advise German Health Ministry

Posted on 8 March 2023

Professor Nils Gutacker of the Centre for Health Economics has been appointed to a prestigious high-level advisory role to the German healthcare system.

Nils Gutacker (right) and colleagues from the advisory council. Picture: BMG/Thomas Ecke.

Sachverständigenrat zur Begutachtung der Entwicklung im Gesundheitswesen und in der Pflege - The Advisory Council for assessing the development in health care and nursing* - is a seven-strong group of professors which advises the German parliament and federal council with recommendations to improve the German healthcare system.

High profile

Following its establishment in 1987, the council has gained a high public profile in Germany, its recommendations often feature prominently in the media and it’s well-known in public life. Previous council recommendations have focused on sick leave entitlement, system resilience, digitalisation and the use of health and care data for research.

Council members are elected for four-year terms and have expertise in medicine, economics and nursing care.