Audio Visual Centre

Teaching Room User Guide
Psychology - PS/B/020

Equipment Available:-

  • HD Data Projector with Speakers
  • Networked Windows 10 PC with Office 2016, DVD drive and USB ports
  • Laptop Connection - VGA HDMI
  • CD/DVD/ Blu-Ray player
  • Interactive Monitor
  • Digital OHP
  • Replay Lecture Capture
    You may be recorded in this room -
  • PA system with lectern mic, handheld radio mic, lapel radio mic
  • Hearing Loop

General Room Help - 01904 32 4500 / x4500
General Enquiries - 01904 32 4500 / x4500 -
Duty Technician - 01904 32 3036 / x3036 - (Diverts to mobile)

Using The System

Touch screen home screen

If you want to show a DVD, PowerPoint presentation or video clip from the PC or your laptop, press 'Use Screen'. For audio only content press 'Use Other Facilities'

If the above screen is not shown, press the End Session and you will always be taken there. This button will be in the top right corner of every screen other than the one shown above.

Touch screen controls

Controlling Sources

The system will (by default) start by showing you the inbuilt PC, other sources e.g. Laptop and Blanking the screen can be selected using the source buttons on the left.

Volume controls and access to any other controls for the room e.g. lighting, are on the right hand side of the screen.

Any controls for a specific source e.g. DVD playback will appear in the centre.

Touch screen controls

Laptop Connections

The following connectors are available on the trolley / lectern to connect to your laptop:-

  • VGA
  • HDMI

If your laptop does not have a suitable connector you will need the appropriate adaptor -

Replay - Lecture Capture

This room has timetabled lecture capture facilities available for recording audio and projected images.

Please ensure that you use the radio lapel microphone to get the best quality recording. It is located in a charging dock on the lectern and should be returned there after use.

Hearing Loop

At the end of your session

Log off (don't shut down) the PC, and remove any USB memory sticks/CDs/DVDs that have been used.
Press the End Session button to clear the projectors, the system will remain in standby for 15 minutes ready for the next user then will shut down automatically if not used.
The PC will be turned off automatically at the end of the teaching day.
Please do not turn off any equipment at the wall, as we have tests that run overnight.

Need More Help?

If you need urgent assistance, please call the duty technician on x3036 (01904 32 3036) from the phone in the room. This will be transferred to a mobile phone after 30 seconds.
If you have technical or equipment booking queries, please call us on 01904 32 4500.
We can provide 5 minute briefings at the start of your teaching session - these are bookable on our standard equipment booking form.
We can also provide 1 to 1 and group training sessions on request. Please email to arrange these.
Please report all faults with this equipment as soon as possible, to enable us to repair them quickly.

Common Problems

Sound is quiet

Check the windows volume level and volume level on control panel

Can't get logged on

If you get an error saying 'Logon Server Unavailable', restart the PC by holding down the power button until the PC powers off, press it again to reboot the PC.

No display on monitor

Turn monitor on using button at base

Control panel blank

Touch the screen to wake it up.