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Professor Paul O'Higgins
Chair of Anatomy (HYMS)



After qualifying, Paul O'Higgins lectured in Anatomy at the University of Leeds then at the University of Western Australia. From 1994 he was Reader, then Professor of Anatomy, at University College, London. Clinical experience includes several years in Accident and Emergency Medicine in both Leeds and Western Australia; and work as Medical Officer at Fremantle Hospital, Western Australia.

Paul's principal research interests concern the links between morphological variation, phylogeny, function and ontogeny in primates and other mammals, with work largely focused on the analysis of genetic and epigenetic influences on patterns of skeletal variation. In ongoing clinical collaborations he has applied geometric morphometrics to brain magnetic resonance images, facial growth and the dynamic analysis of facial muscle and limb function in health and disease.

Paul has wide experience of delivering topographical and microscopic anatomy courses at all levels of medical training.
Professor Paul O'Higgins

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Professor Paul O'Higgins
Chair of Anatomy (HYMS)
Department of Biology
University of York
YO10 5DD

Tel: 01904 321308