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Dr Antje Kuhrs 


Teaching and scholarship

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My aim as a teacher is to present information in a way that sparks the students’ interest and encourages them to engage with the material in their own time. In addition, I aim to create friendly and welcoming learning environments that allow the students to feel relaxed and comfortable to ask questions..

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My current teaching mainly focusses on molecular genetics, human physiology and reproduction, and lab skills. I use a variety of teaching formats, including lectures, workshops and practicals.

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In my Stage 1 tutorials, we discuss how genetic mutations can cause disease, and how the fruit fly Drosophila can be used as a model organism to study gene function. For Stage 2, I offer tutorials in the areas of genetic manipulation of animals and methods to detect gene expression, and the students are involved in deciding which aspects of these areas we explore in detail.

Antje Kuhrs

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Dr Antje Kuhrs
Department of Biology
University of York
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Tel: 01904 328586