Accessibility statement


The Department of Biology is committed to building an inclusive and welcoming community for all staff and students. We are actively working to support staff and students who identify as LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, +) with dedicated staff and student representatives who attend the Department's Equality and Diversity working group (BioEDG).

We hold events open to both staff and students, including those focused around wider events such as the City of York's LGBTQ History Month and LGBTSTEM Day. These events include speakers, film nights and relaxed social drop-in sessions.

Upcoming events include:

BioEDG Quiz! 8.00pm Wednesday 24th February 

BioEDG Virtual Meet-up 11.00-12.00 Thursday 11 March 

(zoom links available in the staff / student newsletters) 



LGBTQ+ staff and student representatives can be contacted at

Within the University, the Department is also working with YUSU (University of York's Student Union) in a Participatory Action Research Project. This project is focussed on enhancing dialogues around equality, inclusivity and identity. It aims to strengthen connections between YUSU, liberation groups within the Department of Biology and the University. This project particularly encourages those who identify as an LGBTQ+, disabled, BAME, and/or international student to sign up. For more details about the project, please contact Nick Glover (YUSU Student Voice and Insight Manager) at

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