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New director of YESI appointed

Posted on 15 June 2020

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Matthew Thomas as the new Director of the York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI)

The global pandemic we are currently living through highlights the fact that we face an increasing number of global challenges that threaten ourselves and our planet. Feeding a growing population and adapting to the effects of climate change, while protecting biodiversity and the services it provides, requires innovation, cooperation between diverse stakeholders and a willingness to cross the boundaries between academic disciplines.

Matthew's research focuses on the effective management of insect pests and diseases, including the transmission of insect vector-borne diseases and the consequences of insecticide resistance, and Matthew transfers these insights from ecology and agriculture into the public health arena. Matthew’s research makes him ideally placed to drive forward YESI’s interdisciplinary environmental sustainability agenda and to act as a highly effective ambassador, promoting YESI’s work to a wider audience.