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TR1: Lower part of a cross-slab including the tenon. Face 1: Border of vine-scroll ornament similar to that on Hilton of Cadboll, containing part of an unidentified figurative scene.

Face 2, side: Crescent and V-rod; a serpent and Z-rod; an animal. Face 3, side: interlace. 3'8" x 2'1" x 6". Originally part of a monument c. 3m high. Found before 1856.

[IB190; ECMS, III, 73-75, no.1; Stuart 1856, plate xxx].


TR2: Fragment with spirals in relief and hooked peltae. 10" x 6.75" x 1" thick.

Dug up at a point about four yards from the east gable during the mid 19th century.

[IB130; ECMS, III, 91-93, no.7; Miller 1889].


TR3: Central boss of a cross-slab, with wreath ornamented in key pattern. 14.5" x 13.5" x 2".

Dug up near the eastern side of the north aisle at a depth of six or seven feet in the late 19th century.

[IB131; ECMS, III, 91, no.6; Miller 1889].


TR4: Three pieces from an upright cross-slab, with central interlace, shaft and panels ornamented with serpents.

Found in Tarbat churchyard before 1776.

[IB280-281; ECMS, III, 88, nos. 2,2a,2b; Cordiner 1780].


TR5: Another piece belonging to the TR4 cross-slab. Found before 1856.

[ECMS, III, 90, no.2c]


TR6: Fragment of upright cross-slab, bearing raised fillets and interlace. 12" x 9" x 2" thick.

Found in Tarbat churchyard before 1903.

[IB282; ECMS, III, 91, no.4].


TR7: Cental boss from a cross-slab comprising seven small bosses in a wreath of interlace. 1'1" in diameter x 2.5" thick.

Found in Tarbat churchyard in the late 19th century.

[IB283; ECMS, III, 91, no.5; Cordiner 1780].


TR8: Triangular fragment of an upright cross-slab, bearing key pattern in relief. 10.5" x 5" x 2.5" thick.

Found in Tarbat churchyard.

[IB284; ECMS, III, 93, no.8; Miller 1889].


TR9: Triangular fragment of an upright cross-slab.

Face 1: middle of a panel of spiral work with small triangular dots.

Face 2: portion next to the edge of a panel of interlaced work. 9" x 7" x 8" thick.

Found in Tarbat churchyard.

[IB285; ECMS, III, 93, no.9].


TR10: Fragment of relief sculpture with a cock and a fox carved in shallow relief. May be part of TR1. 7" x 8" x 2" thick.

No provenience.



TR11: Fragment, Face1: panel of key pattern;

Face 2: three crosses. 14" x 17" x 3" thick.



TR12: Fragment of relief sculpture, with interlace. 6" x 3.5" x 22 thick. Perhaps belongs to TR4.

Found in churchyard and on window-sill of west tower before 1903. Not in NMS and presumed lost.

[ECMS, III, 90, no.3].


TR13: Inscribed stone.

Face 1: The apex of a square panel containing spiral ornament in relief. Matches TR20.

Face 2: On a narrow side, an inscription in relief insular majiscules. 19" x 12" x 6.5" thick.



Found by Rev. J.M. Joass of Golspie built into the wall of the manse garden at Tarbat before 1903.

[IB286; ECMS, III, 82,94, no.10; Higgitt 1982].


TR14: Fragment with interlace. This remains incorporated into the relieving arch which supports the 17th century belfry of Tarbat Old Church.

TR15: Small boss, richly fretted. Seen before 1889 and now lost. [Miller 1889]. (No image available.)


TR16: Fragment of cross-slab with cross formed by four circles. Now lost.

[Ritchie 1914-15, 304-306, fig.1].


TR17: Three conjoining fragments with interlace. 215 x 190 x 25mm thick.

Found during clearance of the crypt in 1991 by Jill Harden.


TR18: Fragment with spiral decoration. 82 x 111 x 72mm thick. F

ound during clearance of the crypt in 1991 by Jill Harden.


TR19: Roughly shaped rectangular stone bearing a simple cross in relief. 340 x 126 x 80mm.

Found by David Henry and removed from graveyard wall in 1994.


TR20: The Monk Stone; fragment from a large cross-slab.

Face 1: panel of spirals and dragon.

Face 2: two lions disputing the a deer carcass. 710 x 410 x 178mm.

Located in 1995 by Niall Robertson built into the crypt vault and extracted in 1997.



TR21: Small cross-slab bearing a hollow-armed cross one side and a chisel-ended cross the other. 510 x 195 x 45mm.

Located during excavations in 1996, built into foundations of earlier church. Extracted 1997.



TR22: The "Boar Stone". Sarcophagus lid.

Face 1 (side, horizontal): lion and boar in relief panels.

Face 2 (end): cross in relief. 1065 x 460 x 230mm.

Located in excavations in 1996, built into foundations of earlier church. Extracted 1997.



TR23: Tiny fragment with spiral in relief. 55 x 30mm.

Found in Glebe Field excavations in 1996.



TR24: Unshaped stone with crude cross scratched upon it. 470 x 245 x 130mm.

Found in service trench on the north side of the church in 1996.



TR25: Unshaped stone with crude cross incised on it. 231 x 195 x 47mm.

Found in service trench on north side of church in 1996.


TR26: Coss shaft re-used as lintel in north light of crypt. In situ. (INT19/19/1044). (No image available.)


TR27: A stone post with side grooves, possibly a “shrine post” (cf Iona) or part of a cancellum.

Removed by Niall Robertson from the graveyard, where it was apparently in [re-]use as a grave marker.

Top 140x150mm, base 180x230mm, height 680mm.


TR28: Trial piece or partially worked slab with rendering of bull, cow (or two cows) one licking a calf, in low relief; also part of a horseman/woman. Maybe unfinished. 720 x 480 x 100mm.

Found in post-medieval context in the Glebe Field excavations in 1997.



TR29: Piece with part of stepped cross in low relief. 325 x 720mm.

Found during excavations in the church in the western wall of the crypt, 1997.



TR30: Part of cross-slab with incised hollow-angled cross. At least 560 x 620 x 50mm.

Found in 1997 built into foundations of south wall of early church.



TR31: Visible part of a cross-slab with incised hollow-armed cross. At least 190 x 180 x 70mm.

Found in 1997 built into foundations of south wall of early church.



TR32: Fragment. Face 1: part of panel with spiral motif within a border, similar to TR18.

Face 2 (side): corner of key pattern. 146 x 70 x 52mm.

Found in rubble infill beneath supporting arch of belfry in 1998.



TR33: Cross-slab with cross in low relief which has parallels at Iona. 524 x 212 x 56mm.

Found in foundations of south wall of early church during restoration in 1998.



TR34: Fragment of cross slab with hollow-armed cross in low relief. The reverse shows signs of re-use. c.350 x 350 x 75mm.

Found beneath the external stair to the north aisle during restoration in 1998.



TR 35: Fragment of sculpture conjoining with TR28, with rendering of a lion, the forelegs of which join the feet on TR28. Above this a cloven-footed ‘manticora’ is depicted, possibly attacking a lamb. The top of the fragment displays a finished edge marked by four incised lines. 380 x 330 x 80mm.

Found in 1998 during excavations in the Glebe Field, re-used as the lining of a medieval drain.



TR 36: Small fragment of triskele carved in relief. 86 x 50 x 31mm.

Found in 1998 during excavations in the Glebe Field.



TR 37: Small fragment of double strand interlace. 89 x 45 x 20mm.



TR 38: Fragment of double strand interlace probably from the same piece of carving as TR37. Comprises two conjoining pieces. 114 x 88 x 35mm.


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