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To join as a Volunteer

Volunteers play a full part in the excavation under supervision, but do not get a formal training course or field trips. Due to the complexity of the archaeology in Sector 2, we require prospective volunteers to have previous experience of archaeological fieldwork. Anyone who wishes to participate in the project on a volunteer basis may apply for a place on any one or more of the following fieldwork sessions:

SESSION 1: To be posted in Spring 2004
SESSION 2: To be posted in Spring 2004
SESSION 3: To be posted in Spring 2004
SESSION 4: To be posted in Spring 2004

To join as a volunteer fill out the form and send it to:

Cecily Spall

Field Archaeology Specialists Ltd
King's Manor

Tel: 01904 43 3952

Click here for an application form

Cost: £80 per session (residential)

Student Research Projects

There are a large number of projects on the agenda of the Tarbat Discovery Programme, in which the help of students or others who can complete project dossiers is invited. Projects are available for field work portfolios or dissertations at BA, MA or DPhil level. Examples include:

To ask for details please contact the Research Director

Last updated 10 October, 2003.
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