Star Carr

Excavation in the Vale of Pickering

The Recent Excavations

Over the last three years a pilot programme of study has been conducted. In 2003 and 2004 the area was fieldwalked and testpitting undertaken. The sub-surface topography was mapped by a close interval (10m) auger survey and for the first time it was possible to demonstrate a highly variable sub-surface microtopography. This work revealed extensive lithic scatters across the dryland areas.

In the summer of 2006 two larger trenches, 3x10m, were placed to the east of the other main excavations. Worked wood and red deer antler was found in the trench nearest to the original excavations, demonstrating the continuation of unusual deposition to the east of the 1980s excavations. The antler was poorly preserved, demonstrating the deleterious effects of drainage on this field.

Geophysics was also tested on the field and it was found that magnetic susceptibility provided promising results, differentiating between areas of occupation and the lake.