As an employer, the University is required to operate within the UK government's rules on working in the UK.

This includes:

  • checking that everyone working for the University has the appropriate right to work in the UK
  • complying with the terms of any visas held by our employees and workers
  • retaining suitable evidence of our checks so we can prove staff are working legally

Why is this important?
Failing to uphold this duty could be costly and damaging to the University's reputation. It could also disqualify York from tendering for work and sponsoring students and staff from overseas.

Right to work checks

Right to work checks at the University are usually done by Human Resources. This includes:

  • most new employees. New staff must bring their right to work documentation to HR before they start their employment
  • all casual workers. Workers cannot be booked for any work or training in the Dashboard system unless HR hold proof of their right to work

Obtaining and maintaining the right to work

Some staff will require a visa to work in the UK. Human Resources offer individuals and departments support and guidance on gaining the right to work and complying with the terms of any visa.

Impact of the UK leaving the European Union

Brexit has introduced new questions about the future arrangements for EU staff living and working in the UK. We can provide staff with information and guidance about these changes, including the UK government's new EU Settlement Scheme.