Career planning is part of the performance review process. In review meetings your manager should ask you about your career ambitions and, where appropriate, encourage you to identify opportunities to work towards these.

For example you might want get involved in different projects, deputise for more senior colleagues or coach another member of staff. Your manager might be able to help make that happen.

You will get the most out of this kind of discussion if you are clear in your own mind what you want to achieve and have some suggestions or options on how to do that. Work in partnership with your manager to identify solutions that are mutually beneficial. Be realistic and open to feedback and advice. Remember your manager will have objectives to meet and boundaries to work within.

Of course, discussions about your career can happen at any point throughout the year. The key is to take ownership of your career development plan.

This means:

  • having a clear sense of your interests, skills, abilities and values
  • learning to create and make the most of any development or networking opportunities

The more open and specific you can be with your manager/reviewer about your career aspirations, the more support your manager is likely to be able to provide.