Administration, management and professional careers

A to Z

  • Chief Operating Officer's Office

    The Chief Operating Officer's Office/ is led by the University Chief Operating Officer and Director of Corporate Planning and Deputy Registrar.

  • Communications and Marketing

    Communications and Marketing promote all aspects of the University's work to its wide range of stakeholders.

  • External Relations

    The External Relations department develops and implements an external relations strategy across departments, that enhances the University's reputation regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • Finance

    For many roles in the finance department, experience may be as highly valued as an entry level qualification.

  • Human Resources

    An overview of Human Resources teams and the skills required across those roles

  • IT Services

    IT Services are responsible for maintaining and providing effective, reliable, secure and accessible IT services to all university staff and students.

  • Library and Archives

    Library and archives overview and the skill requirements of roles within the section

  • Skills and abilities needed at each grade

    Although these staff often work in different disciplines, similar levels of skill, expertise and responsibility are required at each grade.