The Candidate Pool aims to provide recruiting managers with instant access to quality candidates and save the time and money associated with running a recruitment campaign. We currently only maintain a pool for Grade 4 administration staff.

Who is in the Candidate Pool?

The Candidate Pool contains details of:

  • existing members of Grade 4 and Grade 5 staff eligible for redeployment, and
  • previous applicants who, in the last six months, have applied for other Grade 4 administration roles and been judged at interview to be appointable.

How do I access the Candidate Pool?

All managers recruiting for Grade 4 vacancies will have access to the Candidate Pool. You can opt out if you don't want to use the Pool.

When we receive your request to recruit we will review the Candidate Pool and identify candidates who 'match' your vacancy in terms of preferred work pattern, length of contract and area of work. You will be provided with a CV or application form for matched candidates.

How do I choose my candidate?

In much the same way as a normal recruitment process. Initially you can let us know which of the candidates are a match to the essential and desirable criteria of your role. At this point we will let the candidates know that you want to consider them for your vacancy.

We aim to give candidates as much notice as possible of interview - one week's notice is the minimum. The more notice you can give us of interviews, the more likely we will be able to invite candidates in time and they will be able to attend.

If there is only one candidate an informal discussion to ensure that they are the right fit for the role is sufficient. If there is more than one applicant you will need to provide us with an interview arrangements form and conduct a formal interview.

When you have made your decision, an offer of appointment form should be sent to the HR Services team member assisting with your recruitment.

Departments are required to contact all interviewed candidates, ideally by phone, to tell them the outcome of their interview. HR will provide formal confirmation by email.

Do I still have to advertise to the redeployment register?

We have asked all candidates eligible for redeployment to join the Candidate Pool - if a redeployment candidate matches your requirements we will forward this for your consideration as a first priority.

Should you wish to discuss this option further please contact the HR Services team on 01904 324835 or email