This policy is not contractual and is not intended to be incorporated into individual terms and conditions of employment. It may be subject to review, amendment or withdrawal.

1. Research terms

Research terms (i.e. leave of absence on full pay for one term for the purposes of conducting research) are arranged departmentally and result from a re-arrangement of teaching duties which involves neither additional expense to the University nor the acceptance of additional paid employment by staff members. Heads of Department are asked to report all such cases, and any cases involving exemption from University duties for more than four weeks in any one term, to the Vice Chancellor for information.

2. Paid/partly paid leave of absence for more than one term

Academic staff wishing to be exempted from University duties for more than one term for academic purposes which are directly linked to their work should apply through their Head of Department to the Vice-Chancellor in the first instance.

All applications for leave of absence in the following academic year should be submitted by the end of the preceding Spring term.

Applications should in all cases include the following information:

  1. Full details of how the leave would be used;
  2. A definite statement on the period of leave requested and on the arrangements proposed for replacing the staff member concerned;
  3. The amount of leave that the applicant has already taken since appointment to the University (paid or unpaid, including research terms and career breaks);
  4. Any other information considered relevant either by the applicant or the Head of Department concerned.

Each application will be considered on its merits in light of individual circumstances and the needs of the department concerned. Account will be taken of such considerations as the applicant's length of service, general contribution to the University, and likely value to the applicant and to the department/University if the leave of absence request is granted.

3. Unpaid leave of absence

Academic staff wishing to take unpaid leave for a period of between three months and one year for purposes unrelated to their academic work should refer to the career breaks policy.