Current membership

Nominated members' periods of office are for 3 years, running from 1 August - 31 July.

Promotion to grade 7, 8, Reader and Professor

Members Term of membership Faculty
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Professor Ken Badcock Chair
Professor Duncan Petrie, Dean of Arts and Humanities* Joined 2023 Arts and Humanities
Professor Jennie Batchelor, English and Related Literature Joined 2023 Arts and Humanities
Dr. Louise Richardson, Philosophy Joined 2023 Arts and Humanities
Professor Andy Dougill, Dean of Sciences Observing Sciences
Professor Sanju Velani*, Mathematics Joined 2020 Sciences
Professor Anne-Katrin Duhme-Klair, Chemistry Joined 2022 Sciences
Dr Jason Levesley, Mathematics Joined 2021 Sciences
Professor Karen Rowlingson, Dean of Social Sciences Joined 2023 Social Sciences
Professor Ian Kirkpatrick, School for Business and Society Joined 2022 Social Sciences
Dr Adriana Castelli, Centre for Health Economics Joined 2023 Social Sciences
Additional member: Professor Avtar Matharu Joined 2023
Additional member: Dr Derek Wann Joined 2023

* Chairing Faculty Advisory Panels in 2023-24

Promotion through the Professorial bands

Members Term of membership
Chair: Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Ken Badcock
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students - Professor Tracy Lightfoot
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research - Professor Matthias Ruth
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement - Professor Kiran Trehan
Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Strategy - Professor Ambrose Field
Arts and Humanities: Elizabeth Tyler 2023 - 2026
Sciences: Professor Mike Burton 2022 - 2025
Social Sciences: Professor Martin Smith 2022 - 2025
In attendance
Director of HR: Rachael Millhouse
Reward Manager: Louise Abrahams