Supporting our trans and non-binary community

The University is committed to creating an environment that is safe, inclusive and welcoming for all staff and students. These new staff guidance pages complement the existing web resources for trans students and are designed specifically to:

  • support trans staff
  • help line managers support trans staff in their team.
  • inform the wider University community, to ensure we are as trans-inclusive as possible.

Within the new staff resources you will find:

  • Trans staff action plans, to help colleagues navigate university systems, policies and procedures, including changing your name and gender on university systems, negotiating time off for medical appointments, working abroad, accessing support, and reporting harassment, bullying or hate incidents.
  • Pronoun guidance explaining what pronouns are, why it is important to use them correctly, and tips for getting it right.
  • Guidance on how to be an active bystander encouraging colleagues to take collective responsibility for challenging discriminatory behaviours.
  • Guidance for managers on supporting trans colleagues, including helping those who would like to inform colleagues and/or classes.
  • A sources of support page (for both the staff and student community) and a dedicated staff support page.

Please explore the new resources and pass them on to any colleagues you think may find them useful.

Guidance for trans staff webpages

These pages were developed by the Equality and Diversity team in close collaboration with teams and networks across the University. If you have any questions or suggestions about changes or additions to these pages, please complete this feedback form. (Your responses are anonymous and will not be used to identify you).