Implementing the Government’s new immigration rules

From 4 April the UK Government has implemented changes to the immigration rules with the aim of "reducing net migration".

What this means for existing colleagues

We have reviewed the impact for our existing colleagues and are confident that we can continue to sponsor colleagues who currently hold a Skilled Worker Visa. The Government has confirmed that colleagues currently sponsored as Skilled Workers will be exempt from meeting the new salary levels when they change sponsor, extend, or settle in the UK, but will be required to meet the transitionary rates for their next visa application.

Impact on future recruitments

Newly sponsored Skilled Workers will need to meet higher salary thresholds. When appointing new starters who require Skilled Worker sponsorship we will be much more reliant on them holding a PhD or meeting the 'New Entrant' criteria to meet the new salary thresholds. We will not necessarily be able to offer sponsorship to all the roles we have previously.

We will still review roles at the point of advertisement to establish if sponsorship could be offered to a successful candidate and inform candidates accordingly. We are in the process of updating our guidance to reflect these changes.

If you have any queries about what the increases to the salary thresholds may mean to you or your recruitment please email