How do I contact my HR Adviser?

Since last year, we have been asking for colleagues requiring support from their HR Adviser to contact us using the central email address By contacting the central address your query will be assigned to your HR Adviser, or can be easily picked up by another member of the team due to workload demands, if the issue needs wider input or if your named HR Adviser is on leave.

Where queries are directed to individual HRA email addresses or Slack accounts there may be a delay in our response as the HRA forwards your queries into our central inbox.

Who is my named HR Adviser contact?

Operational HR Support is provided by the HR Advisers (HRA's) who work in small flexible teams, each covering a Faculty and Professional Service area(s). Departments have a named HR Adviser as their key point of contact, however, you can also expect to work with one of the other HRA's from the team when there are busy periods or your named HRA is on leave. This structure will provide a greater continuity in the support we offer and will also enable the HRA's to collaborate and share workload in the most effective way.

Who will be leading the HR Operations Team?

You may be aware that Colin Jobber, HR Partner, will leave the University at the end of July. We are grateful to Colin for all his contributions to the team in the past and wish him well for the future.

The HR Operational team will continue to be led by Layla Hemingway and Jo Grewer will join Layla at the end of July - between them they will provide leadership to the team, ensuring a consistent and high level operational service. Layla Hemingway and Jo Grewer will change their job title to Human Resources Operations Manager, which is a more accurate reflection of their job role.