More efficient approach launching on 14 May

Currently, all role reviews have to be considered by a role evaluation panel, this has meant long waiting times due to the volume of demand on panels. Conversely, the evaluation of new roles only takes around ten days. We want to bring role review more closely in line with the process for new roles to reduce the waiting time for departments and to make better use of the work done to create generic role profiles that have already been evaluated.

What will the role review process look like?

  • A new, much shorter, role review approval form will replace the current Role Review Evaluation Form (RREF).
  • The process will begin with a meeting between the manager of the post, the HFO/Senior PSS Director and the HR Adviser (HRA). They will consider the role review request, and the impact this may have on other roles in the department, faculty or wider University.
  • If the HFO/Senior PSS Director authorises the role review request, the manager will complete the job description template (with support from the HRA if needed), and send this and an organisation chart to the Reward Team.
  • The Reward Team will review the paperwork. If the role is in line with a template from the job library, the team will approve the role review and confirm this to the department, all within ten working days.
  • If the role is not in line with a generic template then the Reward Team will liaise with the manager and HRA to see if it can be bought in line with the template and approved. If it can't be aligned to the template then it will be submitted to a role evaluation panel, with an outcome issued within 6 weeks.

By making greater use of job templates, we hope that most managers will have their role evaluation requests approved within 10 days of submitting paperwork to HR, a huge time saving on the current 6 week minimum wait.

The new approach will go live from 14 May and updated guidance and the new form will be available on the HR webpages from that time. If you have any queries please contact your HR Adviser.