What the pay uplift means for you

Pay Negotiations

The Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) conduct pay negotiations with Trade Unions on behalf of numerous HE institutions, including the University of York.

As Charlie outlined in his email on 1 March, UCEA and UCU declared an 'impasse' on the 2023-24 pay uplift. UCEA has advised employers to implement the 2023-24 pay uplift, so we wanted to provide further details on what this means for you.

Details of the pay uplift

The pay uplift for 2023-24 will see an increase to all spine points by the following percentages:

Spinal Column Points Uplift
12* to 14 7%
15 to 25 6%
26 to 51 5%
* with the implementation of the RLW we do not have any staff on spine point 11 or lower

If you are unsure, here's a reminder of how to see which current spine point you are on.

Timings of the uplift

Pay uplifts are usually implemented on 1 August. However, UCEA advised that part of the uplift be implemented sooner to support staff facing cost of living pressures. So with effect from 1 February 2023, all spine points on the pay scale will be uplifted by an initial 2% or £1000 (whichever is greater). We will be making these changes in March payroll (and back-dating for February).

The remaining percentage of your uplift will be implemented 1 August 2023.

See what the uplifts mean for your salary from February and from August.

Colleagues outside of the national framework

As with previous years we have taken the decision to apply this increase to our professorial bands as well, even though these pay rates are not part of the framework agreement. This means in the March payroll, those in professorial bands will receive an increase of 2%, backdated to 1 February 2023. The remaining percentage of the uplift will be implemented 1 August 2023 to a total uplift of 5%.

If you are in a professional senior management grade (Grade 9 and above), your pay cycle is different. You will not receive an increase from 1 February 2023. However, we will take consideration of these changes to the framework when setting the performance related increases that will be effective from 1 October 2023.