Webinar for managers on the benefits of recruiting from the talent pool

12 months ago we launched the talent pool for grade 4 recruitments. This coordinated approach to recruitment provides managers with pre-assessed, interviewed candidates ready to be matched to their approved vacancy.

One year on, and over 50 placements have been made through the talent pool. Not only has this led to huge time savings for managers, but has also enabled us to better embed equality, diversity and inclusion principles in the candidate experience. Going forward, we want the talent pool to be your first choice method for grade 4 recruitments.

Find out more

We are running a webinar on 27 April, 2 - 3pm, to cover the benefits in more detail. Come along to find out why the talent pool is the best way for you to recruit to your grade 4 vacancies, saving you time and effort . The session will cover:

  • how it works, and when's best to use it
  • myth busting around the matching process
  • the benefits for you, including time savings and reduced time to hire e.g recruit staff in 1 week
  • the EDI benefits of recruiting this way
  • the benefits to candidates

Register to attend via eventbrite

The session is open to all, but will be particularly useful to those who line manage and recruit grade 4 members of staff on a regular basis.

Using the talent pool for career progression

If you have grade 3 and 4 colleagues in your team who are looking to develop their career at the University, the talent pool is one of the options available to them.

The talent pool welcomes applications from current grade 3 members of staff looking to further their career at the University. Grade 3 colleagues will go through the same assessment process as external applicants, if successful they can join the talent pool for the opportunity to be matched with a grade 4 role.

Internal grade 4 colleagues don't need to complete the assessment stage (as they've already passed an interview here) and can be matched to upcoming vacancies based on their work preferences. This is great for those who are looking to widen their experience and want to apply their skills in a different area of the university.