Advice for staff who will be affected

We know strike action in other sectors, including healthcare, transport and education, may impact individuals ability to come on to campus, so we are offering further guidance for employees.

School Strikes

The National Education Union has announced seven days of strike action for its teacher members in February and March.

We understand that many colleagues with school-age children may be affected by the school strike action. If you are unable to make alternative childcare arrangements for the school strike days, please talk to your manager in advance to discuss what arrangements may be possible.

Colleagues can:

  • work from home, where practical. (also see Delivery of teaching below)
  • book annual leave or use flexi leave
  • take unpaid dependents leave under the Leave in Special Circumstances Policy.

Please remember that children should not be brought into the workplace for reasons of safety, safeguarding and insurance cover.

Rail strikes

The Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen (ASLEF) and other unions have announced further train strikes.

If you will be affected by the upcoming rail strikes, and are unable to make other travel plans, please talk to your line manager in advance to discuss alternative arrangements. These may include working from home (where practical) or using annual, flexi or unpaid leave.

Delivery of teaching

If you are due to teach in person, but are impacted by the transport or education strikes, you may choose to deliver your teaching online in the same timetabled slot. Please discuss this within your department to make sure students have as much notice as possible and can make appropriate arrangements.