A new tool for reporting misconduct will be available to staff from 1 August

Update 4 August: the report and support tool is now available to use. Visit the staff report and support tool.

The University of York is committed to creating an environment which is safe, inclusive and welcoming for everyone and free from all forms of harassment and bullying.

The Report and Support tool is a place to report misconduct and to find out about support available from the University and other services. It was introduced for students in 2020 and is now being extended to staff.

This is not intended to replace any existing support or HR mechanisms, but simply provides another way through which staff can reach out for support. On the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion pages you can find a reminder of the processes and policies already in place to support UoY staff, including the Dignity at Work policy.

Colleagues will be able to use Report and Support to flag instances of staff misconduct in the workplace whether this be bullying, harrassment, discrimination, a hate crime, sexual violence or sexual harrassment, in addition to reports of student misconduct. Reports can be made anonymously,* or if contact details are provided, a member of the HR team will be able to follow up and offer support.

Report and Support also has detailed information about the support available to staff and students, both through the University and externally. The support articles are accessible to all members of staff without the need to make a report.

* Where reports are made anonymously we will use this information to better understand the issues impacting our University community, to monitor trends and inform proactive and preventative work. However, in most circumstances, the University would not be able to initiate an investigation or formal process on the basis of an anonymous report. It would also limit the ability to offer direct follow up support to the individual.