All staff should have a PDR between July and October 2022

The annual Performance and Development Review window runs each year from July through to October. A less formalised version of the process was run in 2020 and 2021, due to the pressures of the pandemic. This year normal PDR arrangements will resume, which will see the return of a more structured approach with reporting at the end of the cycle.

The annual review provides a formal opportunity to evaluate performance, progress and career progression. It is also important from a wellbeing perspective as it gives individuals an opportunity to pause, take stock and have a reflective conversation. It is important that all colleagues have the opportunity to both reflect back over the last year and to agree on a clear set of objectives to work towards in the next 12 months. Therefore it is essential that all staff have a PDR meeting in the 2022 cycle (July - October).

Guidance and Resources

Staff and managers can find guidance on preparing for their reviews on the performance management webpages, including:

The key to a meaningful PDR meeting is for reviewers to facilitate an open, honest two way dialogue. Therefore all colleagues should be offered the opportunity to have their 2022 PDR meeting in person.

Departmental coordination

Before holding any PDR meetings departmental leadership teams will meet to agree:

  • who is reviewing who (we recommend that no reviewer has more than 8-10 reviewees)
  • when reviews will take place
  • how performance ratings will be assigned consistently

At the end of the cycle, Heads of Department will be asked to report on the performance review process in their department. HR will collate ratings data in order to do an equality impact assessment and monitor participation rates (all reporting will be presented anonymously).

Earlier reporting for senior managers

For staff who have their pay reviewed by the Remuneration Sub-Group (RSG), reviews will need to take place by 2 September. This is to ensure that the data can be shared in time with the RSG who make decisions on senior staff salaries.