Recognising staff contribution over two challenging years

In his email of 9 June, the VC thanked colleagues for their tremendous efforts in recent years, from our response to the pandemic to our recent outstanding Research Excellence Framework (REF) results. In recognition of this hard work and commitment, all staff will receive an extra day of annual leave in next year's allowance (pro-rata equivalent for staff who work part-time). In addition, all employees will receive a one-off £500 payment.

Additional annual leave day for 2022-23

All staff who are employed by the University or YCL will receive this one-off additional leave entitlement. Full-time employees will receive one extra day and it will be pro-rated for part-time staff. For colleagues joining during the leave year, the entitlement will be pro-rated.

For colleagues whose leave year starts on 1 October, you will have the additional leave added to your entitlement for the 2022-23 leave year. For those whose leave year starts in January, you will have your additional leave added to your 2023 entitlement.

The annual leave calculator has been updated to reflect the additional leave day.

All departments will be using the new leave management system from 1 October 2022. We will share details of how the additional leave will be added to entitlements in the system over the summer.

One-off payment

All staff who are employed by the University or YCL as at 1 June 2022 will be entitled to the one-off £500 payment.

This payment will be made in July 2022 through payroll and will be subject to Tax and NI deductions.

We have compiled a Question and Answer document to address any queries you may have about the payment.