Get involved with our inital grade 4 trial

As part of our package of 2022 recruitment improvements we are introducing more ambitious coordinated campaigns for the recruitment of staff, starting initially with grade 4. This should drastically reduce the time that recruiting managers spend on recruitment, as we will have a talent pool of quality, pre-assessed candidates ready to be matched to your approved vacancy.

First recruitment cycle

On 25 April, we will be going out with our first advertising campaign to create a talent pool of great grade 4 applicants. Candidates will undergo a skills assessment and behavioural based interviews. Successful candidates will then be available to be matched to vacancies from the middle of May. If you are interested in hiring a candidate from the talent pool, please do get in touch with the recruitment team (

We want to learn and adapt as we develop this new approach to recruitment. We will take the learning from the first recruitment campaign and apply it to future cycles. If the approach proves positive for departments and for applicants we will make this the primary method of recruitment for most grade 4 roles. We will also explore rolling out talent pool recruitment at other grades.

Join our pool of recruiters

In order to ensure we maintain fair and consistent practices, we need a pool of excellent recruiters we can call on to assess applicants. If you are interested in joining our pool of recruiters we'd love to hear from you. You just need to be grade 5 or above and have completed the University's recruitment and selection training. We want the pool to represent the diverse range of gender, so are particularly interested in hearing from male colleagues and those identifying as trans or non binary, who are currently underrepresented in the recruiters pool. Please complete a registration of interest form and we will get in touch with more details.