The Equality and Diversity Office are recruiting a network of Dignity Contacts across the University

Dignity Contacts are voluntary roles, whose purpose is to listen to students and staff who are affected by harassment, bullying, or hate incidents. They provide advice and guidance on the Dignity at Work and Study Policy and procedures, including information about informal and formal reporting procedures. Dignity Contacts replace what some departments may have called Harassment Advisers. Find further information on what the role entails.

The role is compatible with the Equality Champion role, so existing Champions can also become a Dignity Contact if they wish.

Full training will be given to Dignity Contacts, and the Equality and Diversity Office will provide ongoing advice and support.

If you are interested in becoming a Dignity Contact, please submit an expression of interest:

expression of interest form

Please note - if you currently deal with concerns from staff and/or students about harassment or bullying, we would expect you to either become a Dignity Contact, or pass reporting staff and students to your local Dignity Contact rather than continue to provide advice and information yourself. This is to ensure that all staff providing advice and information are operating within the same policies and procedures, and receive the same level of advice, support and training for their role.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jonny Lovell in the Equality and Diversity Office.