Arrangements for the additional bank holiday on Monday 8 May 2023

The government has announced an additional bank holiday to mark the coronation of King Charles III. All staff in employment on 8 May 2023 will receive an additional day's leave in acknowledgement of this extra bank holiday. For part-time staff, the additional leave granted will be pro rata to their FTE.

  • Staff who would normally be working on this day and who are not required to work will take the day as leave using the additional entitlement granted to them.
  • Staff who are needed to maintain the University's core activities on 8 May will be required to work as normal, and will take their additional leave at another time.
  • Staff who would not normally be working on this day will be able to take their additional leave at another time.

Working arrangements for 8 May 2023 will be determined by managers. Please speak to your line manager to understand whether or not you will be required to work.

The annual leave calculator and the Flexileave system have been updated to reflect the additional public holiday.

We have prepared some guidance on recording this leave for staff and leave administrators.

These arrangements do not apply to staff who are engaged on a casual basis or via the Temp Pool.

Bank holiday pay rates

Support staff in grades 1-5 who are required to work on 8 May will be eligible for pay at two times plain time rates. See the principles for working and payment webpages for full details.