Applications for this year's academic promotions process will open in October

The 2021-2022 academic promotions cycle will be launched in October 2021 with outcomes to be confirmed by Senate in July 2022.

The timeline of the previous cycle was shortened due to the covid-19 pandemic, this meant applicants had to wait less time between the point of application and the point of outcome. The Academic Promotions Committee (APC) were keen to adopt this approach in future cycles and as a result have reviewed and shortened the overall timeline of the process. Colleagues will still have the same length of time to submit their applications.

The new Academic Promotions timeline

Activity Timing
Applications open October
Application deadline January
HoD Report deadline February
Faculty Promotions Panels February
Academic Promotions Committee - first round March
References sought April - May
Academic Promotions Committee - second round June
Senate approval July

Preparing for the application process

In previous years, the application process commenced in August so we appreciate that some colleagues may have planned to start their application over the summer.

We are currently reviewing feedback from the APC and 2020-21 applicants to make any necessary improvements to this year's application form. However it will predominantly follow the format of last year's form and will once again be submitted via a standardised google doc template.

A blank copy of last year's template is available here if you would like to start thinking about your application (please note that this is just for planning purposes and you would need to copy content over to the 2021-22 template when the application process launches).

You can also find a wealth of information on the academic promotions webpages including a video overview of the process and advice from previous applicants.