Colleagues should continue to utilise the University’s Covid-19 track and trace process

The University undertakes localised track and trace activity for staff and student cases on campus. This localised approach is done in close collaboration with the local health authorities but enables us to speed up the process and take action faster. Thank you to all our departmental track and trace leads who continue to work closely with us on these activities.

With more staff starting to return to on campus working, it is important that the track and trace process continues to be utilised.

What do I need to do?

You must telephone your line manager if you:

  • have a positive test for COVID-19
  • experience symptoms of COVID-19
  • enter self-isolation

This is particulalry important if you have been on campus. Your line manager will ask you questions as they fill out the staff coronavirus reporting form.

Action for managers

When a member of staff notifies you, you should complete the staff coronavirus reporting form using the form to steer the conversation. The more detail you provide the more quickly we can carry out a risk assessment with the local health authority. Please include names, specific locations, details on social distancing and whether PPE was worn etc.

After you have completed the form, your departmental track and trace contact may follow up with you to ensure that the right amount of detail has been recorded and any necessary local actions are taken.

The future of staff track and trace

We are aware that double vaccinated individuals will no longer be legally required to isolate from mid August. As per the VC's message of 7 July, we are working through what such changes mean for our community, and further updates will be shared over the summer as we plan and adapt for the ending of restrictions.

The importance of regular testing

Testing has made a real difference in breaking chains of transmission on campus and regularly picks up asymptomatic infections in both staff and students.

We encourage all colleagues to continue to test regularly using lateral flow tests. These can be done by using home test kits or in person at the campus testing facilities - ideally twice a week, three days apart. The testing centre is currently operating on summer hours (12-4pm Monday-Friday). Find out more about booking and accessing regular testing.

If you have not yet been regularly testing please start to make this part of your routine. Staff at the testing centre are available to help talk you through the process if you are not yet familiar with it.