All staff should have a PDR between July and October 2021

The annual review provides a formal opportunity for an individual and their manager to evaluate performance, progress and career aspirations. In order to minimise demands on individuals and departments during the Covid-19 crisis, the decision was made at an institutional level that the formal Performance and Development Process was not a necessity in 2020.

Now that we have passed the peak of the crisis, it is important that all colleagues have the opportunity to both reflect back over the last year and to agree a clear set of objectives to work towards in the next 12 months. It is also important from a wellbeing perspective as it gives individuals an opportunity to pause, take stock and have a reflective conversation. Therefore it is essential that all staff have a PDR meeting in the 2021 cycle.

Staff and managers can find guidance on preparing for their reviews on the performance management webpages, including:

One off adjustments for the 2021 cycle

As usual, reviewers and reviewees should work together to arrive at a performance rating for the year. However, we appreciate that many colleagues will have been working without an up to date set of objectives this year. If this is the case, a rating should be awarded based on an individual's overall contribution and performance. A reminder of the 5 different ratings.

We appreciate that departments are still balancing multiple demands, so we encourage everyone to minimise the administration around PDRs this year. Colleagues should continue to use the standard PDR forms, but can capture bullet point summaries rather than a more comprehensive write up. The quality of the conversation is the most important thing. Use the PDR Form as a prompt and template to structure your meaningful two way discussion and just capture the key points in writing.

Also, in response to feedback on workload, there will be no requirements for departments to report ratings data or completion rates this year (with the exception of senior managers at grade 9 and above).

When arranging PDR meetings, all staff should follow the latest University guidance on on-campus working and Covid-19 safety measures. Due to the timing of the PDR window, we understand this will mean many PDRs have to take place via Zoom this year.