It is now quicker and easier to explore our optional financial benefits

In October 2020 we worked with Salary Finance and Cushon to introduce some new optional financial benefits for staff.

The start of a new year is a time when many choose to reassess their finances, so we recognise how important it is to have access to benefits like these. In response to colleague feedback, we have now made it even easier to access these sites. You can now visit the Salary Finance and Cushon webpages directly from our Rewards Extra pages, without the need to set up a Rewards Extra account.

Here is a reminder of the benefits available from these companies, along with links to further information.

A more detailed summary of these financial benefits can also be found on the Rewards Extra webpages.

Important: These are optional benefits, not a recommendation. University of York does not benefit from offering these services and all your communications will be directly with Cushon or Salary Finance. These companies cannot offer financial advice, please seek independent financial advice if needed.