Please direct queries to the central email address

Your HR Operations colleagues (HR Advisers and HR Partners) give advice on people management issues, planning and restructures. From 1 January 2022 please contact the HR Operations team using the central email address rather than contacting your HR Adviser directly via their personal email.

Reasons for the change

Zendesk is the system we use for managing HR queries. When you email your query will go into zendesk and be assigned to the appropriate HR Adviser. Zendesk enables us to deal with queries more efficiently as it ensures that the query can be picked up by someone else if a colleague is on leave or if the issue develops and needs wider input. It will also help us to capture and analyse data to identify trends, potential areas for training, improved sharing of information, policy and process development.

Senstitive queries

If you have a query that is of a particularly sensitive and/or complex nature that you would like to discuss personally with your HR Adviser, you can still contact your HR Adviser directly e.g via email, telephone or face to face.

Other HR queries

General queries around HR issues, such as recruitment, annual leave, HR policies and procedures should continue to be directed to the HR Services team via