Action learning sets can help collectively discuss real issues and devise solutions

Action learning sets are structured meetings where small groups of people meet together to collectively discuss real issues and devise solutions that address these issues.

Who is it for?

This initiative is targeted at all managers and leaders across the university.

The purpose

The current pandemic has impacted everyone in different ways and the current home working norm has isolated many employees. Participants at initiatives set up for managers and leaders across the university have suggested that they'd like to meet and support each other and the action learning set structure lends itself to meeting this need. The issues will be brought by the participants and the expertise within each group will be used to solve the issues presented. This programme of meetings will be set up for the next six months after which the groups can continue, self managed, or be disbanded, depending on the individual and institutional need.

When they will run

  • Thursday 27 August 2020; 09:30-11:00
  • Wednesday 23 September 2020; 14:00-15:30
  • Thursday 22 October 2020; 14:30-16:00
  • Wednesday 25 November 2020; 10:30-12:00
  • Thursday 17 December 2020; 14:30-16:00
  • Tuesday 26 January 2021; 14:00-15:30

Further information

You can find more information on action learning sets on the HR webpages, including what to expect at an action learning set meeting.


Please note that attendees will need to be able to join all of the sessions.

To sign up for these action learning sets, please complete the Google Form. Calendar invitations from People and Organisational Development will follow shortly.