Changes to recruitment due to UKVI points based immigration system

Following the launch of the new UKVI Points based immigration system the University is making some changes to when we offer Skilled Worker (formerly ‘Tier 2’) sponsorship to new staff. This new approach seeks to support the University as a welcoming, inclusive, international community, where we encourage and support people from around the world to come to York to live, work and study.

We do not anticipate that recruiting managers will need to do anything differently. There will however be a number of changes for HR, which we would like to share with you in preparation. The key changes are:

  • Prior to advertisement, we will establish if a role meets the required skill and salary level to be eligible for sponsorship as a skilled worker.
  • Where the required skill level is met, the post will be open to applicants that require sponsorship as a skilled worker. This is likely to include some Technician posts and the majority of support roles at Grade 5 and above.
  • Whether we are able to sponsor a candidate will depend on their individual circumstances and specific job offer made to them. This will be reviewed at the point of offer.
  • We have greater flexibility as to how and where we advertise posts that may require sponsorship.

For any recruitment schemes that are impacted by these changes we will ensure that the recruitment contact and recruiting manager are both made aware prior to the advertisement and offer.

We don't anticipate that these changes will have an impact on the timescales for recruitment to the majority of positions we advertise. In fact, changes to how we are able to sponsor employees may mean we are able to proceed with sponsorship faster than we have done previously. We will continue to carefully monitor the impact of these changes and review them further if required.