How staff should report instances of coronavirus as we return to campus

Although the NHS COVID-19 app is now in use, the University has agreed with the local public health authorities to undertake some campus tracing to speed up the process and manage outbreaks.

What do I need to do?

You must telephone your line manager if you:

  • have a positive test for COVID-19
  • experience symptoms of COVID-19
  • enter self-isolation

Your line manager will ask you questions as they fill out the staff coronavirus reporting form.

Action for managers

If they haven't called you, you must telephone* your employee if you learn that they:

  • have a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • have COVID-19 symptoms
  • are entering self-isolation

During this conversation you must complete the staff coronavirus reporting form which contains some simple track and trace questions. This form will steer your conversation.

We need enough detail about times, locations, and contact with other people on campus to carry out a risk assessment with the local health authority.

After you have completed the form one of your departmental track and trace contacts may follow up with you to ensure that the right amount of detail has been recorded and any necessary local actions are taken.

More information


* You should be able to find your employee's personal phone number in MyView. Encourage your staff to ensure their contact details in MyView are up to date.