A webinar for line managers focused on supporting the team's mental health through lockdown

30% of the UK workforce has been formally diagnosed with a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime and two in five employees report experiencing poor mental health symptoms related to work in the last year - these statistics were available before the pandemic. Added to that, there's a predicted but unknown impact on mental health as a result of living through the pandemic itself which impacts us all in different ways.

This webinar for line managers enables attendees to focus on the implications of these statistics for their team members and how to go about supporting the mental health of their team members, specifically throughout the pandemic.

By the end of the workshop attendees will be able to:

  • initiate conversations around mental health with team members
  • explore mental health issues with team members
  • support team members mental health during lockdown

To enrol

If you are interested in attending, please login to the Learning Management System and book your place.