Changes to casual worker arrangements begin from September

The introduction of Dashboard, the new system for managing and paying casual workers, is one of the key outcomes of the Casual Worker Compliance Project. Dashboard will help us comply with holiday pay, itemised pay, equal pay, minimum wage and right to work legislation.

All casual work being done from 1 September onwards must be booked in advance through Dashboard.

All departments now have access to Dashboard to make bookings and approve claims.

An online training package is available for departmental Dashboard users.

Worker registration

We have been in contact with all recent casual workers to let them know how to register for casual work on the new system.

If you need to encourage workers to register, you can point them to our Help Centre, which contains information on the registration and claim processes.

Right to work checks

Since August 2018 we have conducted all right to work checks for casual workers and this will continue.

Departments will still hold copies of right to work checks made before last summer. Until we collect these documents from you, please continue to hold them securely.

Claims for work booked through Dashboard

Payment for work booked in Dashboard is also claimed through the system. Dashboard will prompt workers to claim their pay at the time of work and ahead of payroll deadlines. We think this will provide a much better experience for workers.

Claiming for work done before September

Payment for work done before 1 September should be claimed through the existing casual worker claim form. However the claim form system will be switched off after 30 September.

Claims made after this date will require the worker to register in Dashboard before being matched to a retrospective booking. This will need to arranged by the department with the Casual Workers team.

We strongly encourage claims for work done before September are submitted by 30 September.

If you need any assistance, please contact the Casual Worker team at