Choose your level of participation in our employee benefits scheme

Please note this article is now out of date. If you wish to change your participation level visit: Participation level selection for employee benefits

All University employees can participate in our Rewards Extra scheme which offers a range of voluntary benefits for childcare, healthcare and travel to work - plus savings through retail discounts and special offers.

It's up to you whether you want to take up these benefits and discounts. We understand it's not for everyone, so we ask staff how they would like to participate. As we approach September's annual selection period, we want to check with you how you would like to participate in Rewards Extra and remind you of the information we share with Edenred if you choose to take part.

Your options

Choose the parts of Rewards Extra you wish to make use of:

  • Option 1 - Access to retail discounts and special offers via our employee savings site. We will share your employee number, name and work email address with Edenred.
  • Option 2 - Access to our employee savings site PLUS our voluntary childcare, healthcare and travel to work benefits. We will share your employee number, name, work email address, employment start date, birth date, gender, contract type (open or fixed-term, with contract end date if fixed-term) and home address with Edenred.1
  • Option 3 - No access to voluntary benefits or employee savings. We will not share any of your data with Edenred, you will not be invited to participate in the September renewal process and you will not have access to the Rewards Extra website. Please note that if you are currently in receipt of any of the voluntary benefits2 your data will be shared with Edenred until your benefit stops.

Make your choice

Complete the form by 11:59pm on 6 August to update your choice ahead of the renewal period:

If you change your mind after completing the form, don't worry - just email Your record will be updated and your choice will take effect from the following month. However, you should be aware that some benefits can only be selected during the annual selection period in September or as the result of a lifestyle change.

1 We send this information so Edenred can show you the correct premiums for the benefits on offer and so providers can ensure that policies and memberships are set up correctly for any benefits you select.

2 By voluntary benefits we mean any of: campus nursery tax-free fees, childcare vouchers, dental insurance, medical insurance, health assessment plans, health cash plans, Cyclescheme or rail season ticket loans. This does not include bus season tickets, which employees arrange directly with the provider and does not require us to transfer any data to Edenred.