Come along to the launch of the Men's Health initiative on 27 November

Men, relative to women, are reluctant to express concerns about their physical and mental health and engage with professional help. They are less likely to visit a GP, attend an NHS health check, get screened for cancer or visit a pharmacy. They are also disproportionately affected by suicide. So while men are reluctant to talk about personal things, they do like doing things - whether it's sport, building things, fixing things or taking on personal challenges. As men meet together to focus on shared interests, relationships form and these men start to look out for each other; this provides an opportunity for men to more openly discuss both physical and mental health and therefore start to reverse these statistics.

With this in mind, and building on the awareness of key areas of men's health highlighted by Movember, we're creating a programme that throughout the year provides regular events, activities and opportunities for men to understand, discuss and improve their physical and mental health at the University of York.

Activities include a number of talks relating to men's physical and mental health, which simultaneously introduces men to other men with similar interests.

Come along to the launch of the Men's Health Initiative on 27th November from 5:30pm - 7:00pm and help shape the future of this together. The venue is to be confirmed but will be on campus west.

For further information contact Lindsay Coomer or Colin Jobber

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