A change to the Committee responsible for professorial promotion

Each year Professors have the opportunity to apply for an individual pay review or promotion.

While the timetable, application process and criteria for the above remain unchanged in 2018, Senate have agreed to a change to the Committee responsible for reviewing those applications.

In previous years, Remuneration Sub-Group have considered both Professorial Pay review applications and Professorial Promotion applications.

From 2018, as agreed by Senate on 8/5/18, Professorial Promotion applications will move to Academic Promotions Committee for consideration and Senate for approval. Professorial Pay review applications will remain the accountability of Remuneration Sub-Group.

This change aligns consideration of promotion for Professors with promotion for other Academic colleagues.

Within Academic Promotions Committee, a new committee will be created to provide the appropriate senior academic oversight of Professorial Promotion applications.

This committee will have the following members:

  • Chair: Professor Saul Tendler, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost
  • Professor Debbie Smith, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research
  • Professor John Robinson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students
  • Professor Jon Timmis, Prof-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange
  • Three band three Professors, one from each Faculty – appointments to be confirmed