We are taking feedback on how the PDR process can be improved

As you know, we have a performance and development review (PDR) approach at the University which takes place between July and October each year.

We have now operated PDRs in this format for two years, and it's a good time to review what people think works well, and whether any improvements could be made.

Based on initial feedback to HR so far, we are proposing to make some changes to the PDR approach and forms and we are now consulting staff on these proposals.

We are also consulting with heads of department, faculty administrative support groups, University Executive Board and the trade unions.

Proposed changes

A summary presentation of the changes we are proposing [pdf] is available to read.

In particular, we would welcome your thoughts on the PDR forms (you may wish to focus on the one most relevant to your role):

What do you like / not like? Is anything else needed? Any other questions?

Once we have finalised the changes, we will be refreshing the guidance and training available to support the PDR process.

Giving feedback

We are inviting comments on the new approach as follows:

We look forward to hearing from you!