Improved formatting, key information and better error handling

Based on your feedback, we've made three changes to how staffing requests that need authorisation are processed:

  1. Example of header being added to messages - click to enlarge

    Formatted contents
    We've added formatting to the contents of your request. This will make it easier for you, your authorisers and us to read.
  2. 'At a glance' ticket status
    We've added a header to each email update, showing who's copied in on the ticket, who's approved it and who it's been assigned to.
  3. Department validation
    In the past, misspelt email addresses meant that requests weren't associated with a department, delaying the authorisation process. We will now spot and correct these errors more quickly.

We hope these changes will help make processing your requests easier. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know at